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Visualize your conversion funnel - Identify where new users are getting stuck - Help stuck users during their first 30 days - Increase trial-to-paid conversion - Accelerate new user adoption - Be awesome.

Measure new user progress through the activation funnel. See where new users are struggling. Get data using our Zero-configuration Javascript or KISSmetrics.
Automate helpful, personalized messages based on where the new user is stuck. 50% open rates are common when you are helping, not selling.
When your automated emails are not enough, get personal with customers. Help them. Charm them. And if all else fails, learn what went wrong. Payboard shows customers that need help in red.

Being able to see, literally see, where our customers have gotten stuck during onboarding is great. Being able to engage stuck customers, help them, and understand what went wrong is a game changer.

Kushal S

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