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Content Optimization Software for Content Marketers

If you are a content marketer, your number one asset is the content you have already created. Let Payboard identify and promote the content on your site that is most engaging and most likely to lead to a conversion. Our basic plan is free.

How does Automated Content AB Testing work?

You drop Payboard’s script on your website and specify a conversion event, such as engagement (the default conversion event), signup, or purchase. Payboard monitors page views, and sees which pages are likely to lead to a conversion, and then Payboard asks you if it can start recommending pages to your visitors. Payboard conducts continuous AB Tests, recommending to visitors different pages that you have approved, and it keeps track of which pages are clicked and which pages when clicked eventually lead to a conversion.

After 30 days, you will know exactly what your best content is, and you can use this information to update your website navigation to improve conversion rates, and you can reshare this content on social media and you can create fresh content related to your top pages to draw even more visitors to your site.


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